We envision a world where everyone is willing to provide comfort and support to another person when they need hope restored to their life.

Find a H.O.W. Chapter Near You

Why are you asking for my location?

Google Maps is asking for your location only for the purpose of showing H.O.W. chapters in your area. Google respects your privacy and your location will not be shared with anyone. If you choose not to share your location, you will be instead shown a list of all the H.O.W. chapters. For more information on Google maps please click here.

How do I Use This Map?

Using the map is easy. When you allow Google Maps to know about your current location, the map will center on your current location. Any H.O.W. chapters in your area will be displayed on the map as a red pin. Click on the pin to see more information about the H.O.W. chapter. You can also scroll around the map using your mouse to find other H.O.W. chapters outside of your area.